War of words

War Of Words from War Of Words on Vimeo.

This video introducing us to War of Words, a super limited edition graffiti newspaper which is out on the 12th of September. Limited edition, it seems, because they decided to burn most of the copies before I could get my greasy mitts on them. To quote the publishers:

“Its a publication for the 21 year anniversary of Hollands WOW-crew.
In 1990 lots of of the groundbreaking stuff which was done was published in a black ‘n white xeroxed graffiti magazine (Bomber). After that it is never published in colour. In this publication all the stuff from back then, together with stuff from then until now will be printed in full coulour. There will be lots of unpublished stuff in from the past 20 years…including stuff from last week.
The publication has a newspaper-tabloid format – 64 pages. This is a (conceptual) statement; it will disappear because of time and it is about ‘actuality’… like graffiti.
We had 1500 copies printed. 100 will be given away. 325 will be sold to cover costs. the rest is burned to emphasize the limitness…. and non profitness…
New York based novel writer Dumar Brown aka Nov York had written a piece/preface.”

In conclusion, I need it in my life…

Ze hadden er natuurlijk ook gewoon minder kunnen bestellen, maar ja dan hadden ze niet zo'n tof filmpie gehad..............................

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