Na de click het stuk muur wat klaar is t/m september, nog drie keer een update op http://www.molotow.com/magazine/700wall/ dus!
Na de click de foto, ook daar even op clicken voor een grotere resolutie!
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From the archives: Groningen de Koningen deel 4

Groningen de Koningen deel 4!! Met oa: Eggheads in zwermen, en lovebirds!
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Rare Exports

Rare Exports teaser trailer.
In 2010 everyone will believe in Santa Claus.
Very dope Finnish movie coming up!
And Two short movies from the same guys after the click, 

- The hunting session of Father Christmas
- Safety Instructions and Precautions

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Frisse bakken gejat van flickr... deel 6!

Frisse bakken straight outta flickr y'all!, Grootste gedeelte gejat van Jankerd (http://www.flickr.com/photos/43262007@N03/) Thanks dude! 
Na de Click Yo oa:  's lands beste worstenmaker, sfeerfoto's en meer!
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From the archives: Groningen de Koningen tags deel 1

Put up a mutant smile and pay your fucking taxes..
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Graffiti Kings


Langharig Leeuwarden


Met muurschilderingen van Klaas Lageweg, na de klik een kleine impressie................
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From the archives: Groningen de Koningen deel 3

Groningen de Koningen deel 3 met oa: Pablo, Pietro en Magnus!!!
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Sean V: Underground Photographer from Carl Weston on Vimeo.



Bomber from Constant van Hoeven on Vimeo.



Retro on flickr! Check het hier:http://www.flickr.com/photos/whosyourgod/
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Longboard Girls Crew from Juan Rayos on Vimeo.


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From the archives: TFC part 1

Een selectie analoge foto's van de TFC, netjes, nauwkeurig en funkie!
Binnenkort komt de rest online!



Na de Click een selectie pieces van Berl, funkie fris!
foto's gejat van i-net.........
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 From the website of the looptroop rockers, the new Embee project:: Skuggpoeten!

On November 10th I’m utmostly proud to present the release of the album Skuggpoeten. A constellation consisting of my dad, writer Roger Bergkvist and singer/componist Esmeralda Moberg.
It’s been  over two years since I got a mail from Esmeralda inquiring me for a collaboration with her as folk singer. I sent one of my dad’s poems from his book “Dikter från världens mitt med omnejd” and got a quick response in the shape of a noisy Garage Band MP3-demo of the first melody sketch of Stilla Landskap. I started writing music for the acapella the same night. And the result blew us away. Ten demos later we finally met and started recording sessions in Svenska Grammofonstudion. When we had ten tracks done I finally presented the project to Roger.
The music takes off within traditional swedish folk music’s bittersweet melodyline and blends with big city beats, jazz, soul and electronica. A genre we describe as Urban Folk.

A sneak peak of the new album can be found here: http://www.myspace.com/skuggpoeten